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What is The Chalk?

We are a Digital Imaging and Content Creation Boutique. We're more than video; we incorporate a plethora of imaging tools including (but not limited to) 3D scanning, photogrammetry, physics simulations, and computational photography. We specialize in visual effects (vfx) and use the same software & tools used to create Hollywood blockbusters.

This is a place where ideas are generated, problems are solved, and investments are returned. We learn about your challenges and goals to craft video, animation, and motion graphics to address your unique needs. Weather your goal is to tell an compelling story or to educate your sale team we will work with you to develop effective and compelling content.

Conveniently located between LA and NY in the Denver Metro area, our clients include independent feature films, high-end corporate communications and marketing, episodic television and commercials. We’re a small team. We’re specialized, flexible, and maneuverable; being small has its advantages. Since 2013 The Chalk has contributed over 2000 visual effects shots to 7 independently produced feature films.

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Visual Effects

Digital Matte Painting


Color Correction

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There are two arms to The Chalk.  First we specialize in visual effects and compositing; and work on projects of all types.  Second we offer a wider range of traditional services such filming, editing, color correction, and custom motion graphics which has been utilized by businesses and corporations.

Regardless if you’re looking for strictly vfx or full service production we are happy to offer Free Consultation.  

Very often customers come to us in post-production to create an effect they intend from the beginning or to solve a problem they were unaware during filming.   However, if you’re planning any type of effect shots we love to advise on best practices before the camera rolls.   

Planning for Success

The Chalk and associates pride our selves on being creative thinkers, problem solvers, and idea generators.  After learning about your business’ identity and goals we can help strategize media ideas to meet your needs.   When paired with our visual effects, motion graphics, and animation capabilities we can produce content that truly stands apart from your competition.  

You can hire us for a “One-off” shoot, but to get the most out of video we recommend monthly shoots so you have a steady stream of content.  We offer discounted retainer package to help you meet the need for  a consistent content delivery.  The filming is done over a period of 1/2-2 days and all the deliverables are created from that shooting time.   Alternatively shooting can be spread out if you require; for example, to deliver breaking news such as sales reports.  Here’s some examples of media strategies we’ve helped customers with.

Social Media
As a distribution avenue, this is the perfect vehicle to shoot for 2 days to create 30 unique and short videos.  Imagine having a piece of video to release to your social network everyday.   We format your content for each network (1:1 Instagram, 16:9 Facebook, 9:16 IGTV, etc.).   Instead of short daily releases, a weekly show is more inline with your network’s desires.  We can help plan and execute the social media plan that is right for you.  

Pay per click
These are the short ads that play before YouTube videos.  You can have paid search ads and video ad campaigns all managed from Google Adwords.  You can also host these ads on Instagram an Facebook; we’ll deliver properly formatted video for all your video ad campaigns

Training & Instructional Videos
Over the years The Chalk has shot training videos for clients around the metro area including; ClearChoice, Paciugo Gelato, and Arapahoe Park.  We’ve also filmed conferences and presentations and created full length, segmented and highlight videos for distribution.  

Corporate Communications
Some business want their internal media to look as polished as their client facing media.  The Chalk worked with ClearChoice Management Services for the past two year creating the content and branding elements for their internal communications.  I assisted in the development of ideas for content.  And I was the sole creator of the content, form production to completion.  The video's we created for ClearChoice had a motivating effect on their team and proved far more effective for communicating than newsletters or email.  Our video's ultimately replaced both of these mediums over the course of the year for major announcements.

Book Trailers & Product Demonstrations
This is a bit of a specialty.  In 2018 we started making book trailers for Suntup Editions.   We've also shot and edited some product demos.  Just a few more things we have experience with


The Chalk vfx tells stories.

When you think of 'production' images of cameras and lights are conjured up.  The Chalk’s signature service, branded by our customers as ‘The Mobile Studio’, is set-up at your location to record a message in front of a green screen.  Our hassle free system helps you maximize your time by bringing the studio to you; all the advantages of a green screen without having to travel.   

We have a couple of retainer packages designed to deliver you a steady stream of branded media from a minimal shooting commitment.

Digital Image Acquisition (i.e. Filming, Shooting, Videography)
Wouldn't you like to have one new piece of media to release on your social media marketing platforms every day?  Do you need to train your sales force?  Do you want your employees to have a unified definition of the company’s values?  Perhaps you just need to communicate news and business updates quickly and efficiently.  The Chalk creates beautiful crafted images designed to inspire your team.  When your internal content is as polished as your customer facing content it has a motivating effect on your team.  Drawing off your company’s branding The Chalk creates custom assets to make your content standout from the crowd. 

Visual Effects Done Right
Good visual effects often go unnoticed; bad visual effects will derail your film.  It’s crucial that your film’s vfx ‘work’.  The best way to ensure that happens it to start planning in pre-production.  And you must have a knowledgeable person on set to ensure the VFX shots are executed correctly.  The Chalk, in addition to expert green screen knowledge, is well versed in the latest techniques used in VFX.  This translates into your film having the data to create the desired effect in post-production. 

HDR, 3D scans, Photogrammetry, Tracking Markers, Lens Distortion Grids, etc. . . we have you covered. 


We consider ourselves a Post-House. . . and we wouldn't be much of a post production operation if we didn't offer editing and color correction.  Everyone has that, right. . .

Beyond Editing
Modern Audience expect to see (and not notice) quality VFX and SFX in feature films, commercials, music videos, shot films. . . essentially everything.  After the initial editing we can begin to craft custom graphics and simulated natural effects to composite into the show.  The Chalk proudly works with Businesses, Indie producers and Film Students across the globe to bring high-end visual effect compositing into their reach.

Our compositing is top notch, the best in town.  The Chalk has contributed over 1000 shots to indie feature films; most of which are 'invisible'.

Fix It In Post
At the chalk we do 'fix thing in post'.  Over the year's we've done 100s of shots that required the removal of unwanted things in the images.  We're not taking about the mic dipping in, we removed whole cars, people, cables, crews, reflections, equipment. . . the kind of things your editor said you can't fix.  

Digital Makeup
We want your talent to look their best and to look real; we frown on applying a global blur to smooth out imperfections.  Our work is much more nuanced than that.  One of the most popular and least talked about compositing applications is Digital Makeup.  Some of the most common tasks we perform are blemish removals, lighting under the eyes, and highlight reduction.  We've also done things like reshaping lips, widening eyes,  straitening teeth, removing seams of prosthetic applications, extending prosthetic etc.  

Simulated Reality
One thing you'll find here is a the ability to create custom effects from simulated 3D software.  Our 3D modeling packages include Houdini, Modo, and Vue, and each has the ability to simulate FX.  Houdini is our go to app for this work; it's a little complicated and there's lots of terminology, but to sum it up we can do just about anything you can imagine or describe.  Explosions, Fire, Water, Glass/Stone/Wood Breaking, Cloth, Paper, Blobs, Dust, Clouds, Smoke. . . Contact use for more information and a free consultation.  Get the conversation started 
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Character Animation
This isn't one of the task we excel at like compositing; however, it's worth noting that we are capable of rigging and animating models.  Currently our experience in this area is limited; but we're always learning and expanding our skill set.

Thomas, the principle artist at The Chalk, has been compositing for 12 years.  He's a certified to train Nuke artists:

Foundry Nuke Trainers

Additionally, He teaches Advanced Compositing at Colorado Film School:

Colorado Film School

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